November 2016: Lee Mills, Chairman SCRP


GUEST SPEAKER:  Lee Mills, Chairman Shelby County TN Republican Party

November 2016 at 07:30 thru 09:00 AM; DANVER’S RESTAURANT

Lee Mills  is a graduate of Auburn University and currently resides in Arlington with his wife Amber and their two sons, Grayson (9) and Tanner (6).

He is a pilot for FedEx and is currently a Captain on the Boeing 757/767. He is also a flight instructor at FedEx. 

He has been involved in politics since he was 10 years old. He began by working at the HQ in a local mayor’s race in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama.

He is a member of the Arlington Planning Commission, Chairman of the Arlington Parks and Recreation Committee, President of the Arlington Education Foundation, Emeritus Member of the Auburn University Aviation Advisory Board and currently serves on the State of Tennessee Nurses Board (appointed by Governor Haslam). 

Lee and his family attend Bellevue Baptist Church. 


  • State of the Republican Party.
  •  Moving forward from the election.

We are pleased to have Chairman Mills for our 17 November 2016 meeting of the SCRP Cordova Breakfast Club.  The meeting is one week from today Thursday 17 November.  THE CLUB WEBSITE is:  www.cordovabreakfastclub.orgGo there and take a look!!!!  Find us as well on FACEBOOK and FACEBOOK at CORDOVA VOICE!

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